Harald Schumacher

Harald Schumacher was born in Düren, West Germany in Mar. 6, 1954. Played as a football goalkeeper of Germany national football team, football brought him both sadness and joy. He played for the West German national football team at many international sports events from 1976 to 1986, experiencing numerous domestic and abroad fierce competitions. During this period, he participated in more than 10 World Cup qualifying matches and 14 World Cup matches.

Under his help, the Germany national football team won the 1980 European Championship. But the national team performed bad at the World Cup finals in 1982 and 1986. He was a controversial football player for the man-made disaster at the FIFA World Cup in 1982. In the match, a French footballer was heavily injured for impact of Harald Schumacher. After ending of his playing career, he became a professional coach of SC Fortuna Köln. But unfortunately, he was fired for bad results of competition against Waldhof Mannheim in 1999. Although many controversial events happened in his playing career, it’s no doubt that he is a high-caliber talents on football.

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